Renee Taylor Testimonial

Hello, I am Renee Taylor. You may know me from “The Nanny.” I played Fran Drescher’s mother, Sylvia Fine. I’ve been working with Archie Scott for 12 years using DMSO and GH3. The other day I went for my yearly exam and the nurse asked me if I’m still acting. I said, “Absolutely. I just […]

NFL Players Treatment

by Archie Scott Severe brain damage, especially damage that has occurred over a period of years can be very difficult to treat by conventional methods. These injuries which are often caused by minor brain trauma thousands of times result in a combination of damage involving nerve injury, free radical formation, edema, decreased blood flow, inflammation, […]

Protection from Radiation Damage by the use of DMSO

by Archie Scott The radio protective properties of DMSO have been known for over 40 years, DMSO has been used to prevent radiation damage from x-ray treatment and also to protect from high atmospheric levels of radiation such as that caused by accidents at nuclear power plants. There is direct and immediate noticeable damage such […]

Steven Poole Testimonial

Dear Archie Scott, These are my excellent results using Scott Supreme Pain Free lotion. Legs– I developed severe pain in both legs while painting. I treated the pain with Walgreen brand, Cool’n Heat  and Sportscreme. When the pain was really bad I would take two Acetaminophen caplets, but the pain only slightly decreased using this treatment. […]

Mary Poole Testimonial

I had suffered from what my doctor diagnosed as tendonitis for over a year. My condition progressively became worse, and my doctor ordered a MRI which showed a major tear of my right rotator cuff. By this time I was taking up to eight Acetaminophen caplets per day as well as a prescribed narcotic at bedtime. One […]

Linda Walton Testimonial

Archie Scott,  The Great Medical Detective Since the beginning of 1994 my health took a nose dive, with shortness of breath, extremely high blood pressure, overall weakness, and fainting spells, all growing increasingly worse. Finally, I was able to consult with a top specialist at City of Hope. This doctor diagnosed me with angiodysplasia. By […]