Archie H. Scott

archiescottArchie Scott is a researcher, writer, and lecturer on the medical uses of DMSO.

He is a 1959 graduate of The School of Science at Oregon State University, the same school that Linus Pauling, the 1954 Nobel Prize winner in chemistry had previously graduated. They both briefly served as consultants at the same time for The Degenerative Disease Medical Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mr. Scott was first introduced to DMSO in 1964, while training for the Olympic Trials as a runner. He had suffered a major injury to his right knee in basketball in January 1955 during his senior year of high school. Over eight years later in October, 1963 his left knee was injured in football. Despite surgery and other medical treatments both knees were taped during any athletic competition. Starting in early 1964 DMSO was applied to both knees for three months with excellent results. The pain was greatly reduced, and he was able to run much better.

In 1966, he first met with the late Dr. Stanley Jacob, the father of DMSO Therapy. This led to contacts with other doctors in the United States and other countries. The knowledge that he obtained led Mr. Scott to become recognized as an authority on the medical use of DMSO.

He has provided consultant services on DMSO to a number of doctors and hospitals in California, Oregon, Nevada, Florida, New York and Mexico for over 50 years. He’s probably best known for writing the original protocol for the DMSO laetrile intravenous combination for the treatment of cancer in 1975. This treatment is still widely used today. He also wrote the original protocol for the use of DMSO in treating radiation poisoning.

Mr. Scott has also used his knowledge of DMSO and chemistry to develop lotions to treat a variety of problems such as arthritis, acne, baldness, burns, and injuries. He is regarded as a top lotions chemist.

He currently resides in Los Angeles and is a frequent speaker at The Cancer Control Society Convention and many other organizations.