Linda Walton Testimonial
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Linda Walton Testimonial

Archie Scott,  The Great Medical Detective

Since the beginning of 1994 my health took a nose dive, with shortness of breath, extremely high blood pressure, overall weakness, and fainting spells, all growing increasingly worse.

Finally, I was able to consult with a top specialist at City of Hope. This doctor diagnosed me with angiodysplasia. By then, my hemoglobin was down to 5.00, and I required an immediate blood transfusion. After that, the prescribed treatment consisted of massive doses of intravenous iron twice a week. When the iron failed to stabilize my hemoglobin, blood transfusions were given, well over twenty in a few years and increasing to every month. This treatment created other complications, and as my condition grew worse it was considered terminal.

My daughter did lots of investigating on her own, especially in the alternative health community. She was told that there were a number of specialist here in L.A. and out of town who consult with one particular medical researcher and scientist when all else fails, A DOCTOR’S DOCTOR. This is how my daughter came to find out about Archie Scott and his long history of medical field work. She spoke with Archie and told him about my case. He was interested and agreed to see me. I started my treatment with him at the beginning of September, 2005.

He began by asking what my symptoms were and then said that he wanted to see my medical records.

I told him that I had extreme shortness of breath, general physical weakness, and chronic headaches.

He zeroed in on the chronic headaches – how severe and when they began.

I told him that I have suffered from chronic headaches since my 6th grade running (1962). Prior to that, I ran short distance races and seemed fine, with no headaches. That changed in 6th grade when I was required to run longer distances without stopping and I could feel the blood pounding around my temples. It hurt so badly that I had to stop. From that time on, the headaches were chronic. I began self medicating with aspirin taken (daily) to control the pain. Over time I found that aspirin taken with coca-cola worked even better.

Archie said that the fact that I could run short distances but not longer distances without throbbing in my temples was an indication that I probably had some congenitally malformed blood vessels around my temples. He said that my problem was not the official diagnosis of angiodysplasia. He said it is more likely that I had severely damaged my gastro-intestinal tract from many years of daily aspirin and Coca-Cola.

He recommended that I drink aloe-vera juice and receive his injections of DMSO, B-12, and GH3 several times a week and gradually cut my dependence on aspirin and Coca-Cola. He also said to use Scott Supreme Pain Free for the headaches.

Since beginning treatment with Archie, 12 years have passed. While I continue to have my hemoglobin monitored with blood work, I have not required a blood transfusion since Archie started treating me.

Clearly, Archie Scott’s treatment is saving my life. I now refer to him as the great medical detective.

Linda Walton