Mary Poole Testimonial
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Mary Poole Testimonial

I had suffered from what my doctor diagnosed as tendonitis for over a year. My condition progressively became worse, and my doctor ordered a MRI which showed a major tear of my right rotator cuff. By this time I was taking up to eight Acetaminophen caplets per day as well as a prescribed narcotic at bedtime.

One evening, after peeling some vegetables, I was literally bent over with the most excruciating pain I had ever experienced in my right arm. I had received Scott Supreme Pain Free but had never applied it before. That evening, in my desperate state, I decided to try it. I can’t begin to describe how totally amazed I was when the pain disappeared within seconds. From that day on, I continued to apply Scott Supreme Pain Free two to three times a day in order to live without pain. I no longer needed the narcotic at bedtime and rarely took Acetaminophen caplets. I continued this application of Scott Supreme Pain Free for two months until surgery could be scheduled. I don’t know how I could have gone through that period without it.

My husband, who observed firsthand the miraculous relief from pain that I received from Scott Supreme Pain Free that very first time, applied it to relieve the throbbing pain he had in his hand. He was amazed that the throbbing was stopped immediately. Since that time, he has also used it for ringing in his ears, leg muscle or tendon pain, and for nail fungus which has nearly gone away.

We feel fortunate to have been introduced to Scott Supreme Pain Free and will always keep a supply available for any future need we have.


Mary Poole