NFL Players Treatment
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NFL Players Treatment

by Archie Scott

Severe brain damage, especially damage that has occurred over a period of years can be very difficult to treat by conventional methods. These injuries which are often caused by minor brain trauma thousands of times result in a combination of damage involving nerve injury, free radical formation, edema, decreased blood flow, inflammation, and a lack of oxygen. The unique properties of DMSO make it the most useful agent known in treating severe head injuries. Many football players and other athletes have used DMSO to treat other injuries for many years.

Treatment should be started as soon as possible after the injury. If a football player is removed from a game due to a concussion, DMSO should be given immediately. If the damage is thought to be severe, the treatment is often given by the intravenous slow drip method. However, even topical application to the head is very beneficial as the DSMO will penetrate the head and even cross the blood-brain barrier.

When DMSO is infused there is an immediate increase in blood flow to the brain. In brain injury much of the permanent damage is caused by a reduction of blood flow into the brain. The reduced blood flow can result in a lack of oxygen and nutrients to brain tissue. If this lasts for a significant period of time parts of the brain can be damaged or killed.

There is often no way of knowing if certain individual athletes have suffered brain damage. Many football players have retired from professional football with no visible brain damage. Years, or even decades later, mental problems may develop. Retired professional football players have three times the incidence of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease as that of the general population.

All athletes engaged in any contact sport where there may be brain trauma, no matter how slight, should be treated with DMSO following every contest. The cost would be small compared with the benefits received.

All retired professional football players, especially those who are having any mental problems, should also be treated. Some football players who have been retired for many years are receiving weekly injections of DSMO, GH-3, and vitamin B-12 with excellent results. Studies have shown that DMSO can dissolve the beta amyloid protein that is considered to be the primary cause of Alzheimer’s, and GH3 has shown good results in treating Parkinson’s.

Nearly all athletes who compete at a high level also suffer from physical ailments such as knee, hip, ankle, back, or shoulder problems in their older years. The ailment can be general stiffness in various parts of the body. Often these problems are caused by repeated trauma that may have occurred years earlier. DMSO is used to treat all of these problems. This writer, who still competes in senior events, uses a lotion containing DMSO to treat the after effects of a football knee injury received over 60 years ago. The lotion is applied before and after any athletic competition. He has also been receiving the DMSO, GH-3, and vitamin B-12 injections for over 40 years.

With the proper use of DMSO and other known products, there is no reason that any long term brain damage caused by head trauma or physical damage caused by other injuries should not be kept to a minimum.