Steven Poole Testimonial
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Steven Poole Testimonial

Dear Archie Scott,

These are my excellent results using Scott Supreme Pain Free lotion.

Legs– I developed severe pain in both legs while painting. I treated the pain with Walgreen brand, Cool’n Heat  and Sportscreme. When the pain was really bad I would take two Acetaminophen caplets, but the pain only slightly decreased using this treatment. The pain I had was very unusual; it would start in one leg and move to the other leg. Sometimes it would be in my lower calf muscles and other times in my upper calf muscles.

Then I started using Scott Supreme Pain Free lotion. I have been using it for about seven weeks, and the pain has essentially decreased to only an occasional ache. I was able to start walking and doing other stretching exercises, while continuing to use Scott Supreme Pain Free lotion. It is now At this point some days I only have an occasional ache and no longer any pain.

Toe Nails– I have had a fungus under some of my toe nails for at least 10 years. Four years ago I treated the toe nails with Fungi Nail, but it didn’t work. For about two months I have been using Scott Supreme Pain lotion and the fungus has nearly gone away.

Little Finger–  In  July of 1964, I was in an accident where the nerve to my little finger was cut just above my right elbow. This finger has throbbed every day since then. I put Scott Supreme Pain Free lotion on the little finger and the throbbing went away immediately.

Ringing in the ears– I have had ringing in both ears since January 2001. I put Scott Supreme Pain lotion in my right ear and the ringing stopped in that ear immediately. I put Scott Supreme Pain Free lotion in my left ear, the ringing considerably reduced.

Scott Supreme Pain Free lotion has greatly helped me with the issues listed above and I will continue to use it in the future.


Steven Poole