Renee Taylor Testimonial

Hello, I am Renee Taylor. You may know me from “The Nanny.” I played Fran Drescher’s mother, Sylvia Fine. I’ve been working with Archie Scott for 12 years using DMSO and GH3. The other day I went for my yearly exam and the nurse asked me if I’m still acting. I said, “Absolutely. I just […]

Steven Poole Testimonial

Dear Archie Scott, These are my excellent results using Scott Supreme Pain Free lotion. Legs– I developed severe pain in both legs while painting. I treated the pain with Walgreen brand, Cool’n Heat  and Sportscreme. When the pain was really bad I would take two Acetaminophen caplets, but the pain only slightly decreased using this treatment. […]

Mary Poole Testimonial

I had suffered from what my doctor diagnosed as tendonitis for over a year. My condition progressively became worse, and my doctor ordered a MRI which showed a major tear of my right rotator cuff. By this time I was taking up to eight Acetaminophen caplets per day as well as a prescribed narcotic at bedtime. One […]

Linda Walton Testimonial

Archie Scott,  The Great Medical Detective Since the beginning of 1994 my health took a nose dive, with shortness of breath, extremely high blood pressure, overall weakness, and fainting spells, all growing increasingly worse. Finally, I was able to consult with a top specialist at City of Hope. This doctor diagnosed me with angiodysplasia. By […]